Reagan Rice

Director of Membership and Marketing

photo of  Reagan Rice

Phone: 801-226-1736 x5
Email: [email protected]

Reagan Rice is an accomplished professional currently leading marketing and sales efforts as the Director of Membership and Marketing at Alpine Country Club. Over the past five years, Reagan has made significant contributions to the club's success, initially joining as a server and Beverage Cart Attendant before progressing through various roles.
Her ascent within the club reflects Reagan's dedication to providing exceptional customer service and her talent for creating the member-experience. Notably, Reagan's internship with Alpine's Marketing Director in 2020 provided her with invaluable insights into strategic marketing practices for the club during a turbulent time in the country club industry.
In 2022, Reagan graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Communication and a minor in Marketing, further solidifying her expertise in the field. Combining her academic achievements with practical experience, Reagan seamlessly transitioned into her current leadership role.
Reagan's approach to marketing is characterized by innovation and a strong focus on building relationships. Her strategic initiatives have contributed to Alpine's enhanced brand visibility and steady membership growth. Reagan's journey exemplifies her ability to excel in diverse roles and her unwavering commitment to driving the club's success through effective marketing strategies and member relations.
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